Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Thank god I live in Sydney.

It's Wednesday, I go to the pub to say hello to one friend, and I find about 100 more. Literally. It's amazing how this could happen in the one suburb too. I've found that living in Surry Hills has turned me extremely lazy. Not in a slob kind of way, but more in a location kind of way. If it's not within a five to ten minute walk, then it's too far. This, I have learnt, is a bad thing, especially since I work in Newtown. In saying this, I do enjoy going for my visits to said Ntown, but truth be told, it feels like another world now. HAH! Listen to me! I have turned into a total 2010 bitch. But if you lived here, you would understand. I really need to snap out of it though, go places I haven't been before or something. But realistically living here means that cabs are no longer, I live right in the city, thankfully on a quiet street, I live in an amazing house with two lovely people, most of my friends live around the corner and life really can't get much better.
Which brings me to my next point of having to go to Canberra this weekend. I really am looking forward to it, to see my family, the friends that will be there, old memories, etc.... but everytime I go it becomes more and more foreign to me. I find it so hard to believe that 99% of the friends I had during my years there still live in our nations capital. I feel that everyone is always complaining to me about how they hate it/want to move away/want to move out, and everything really seems to go around in circles and everyones always depressed. I know all of that! That's why I got away! Again, I sound like a huge snob, but in this instance, I definitely don't feel bad about it. I said bon voyage as soon as school was out in 2006. I didn't even go to my year 12 graduation! I came to Sydney with nothing long term lined up for me, no savings and a handful of friends. I now go out every single week, don't get bored, have good places to go, have amazing friends to party with, and all with a very below average fortnightly pay cheque. So anyway, the point of this rant was to say thank you to the Crix for making me realise how lucky I am to be living in the SYDNEY TOWN. And thanks to all my friends for being the best. Life wouldn't be this amazing without you.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Pros and Cons of being sick.

Lying in bed ALLLLL day.
Being disgustingly lazy.
Wearing immensely ugly clothes and no make up whilst it being totally acceptable.
Taking long hot showers and not feeling bad about water consumption.
Sleeping way more than normal hours.
Not having to do anything.
Watching youtube a lot.

Having absolutely no motivation.
Coughing so much your ribs and abs hurt.
Feeling generally SHIT.
Having a room strewn with tissues.
Not being able to eat chocolate.
Drinking too many liquids.
Getting a sore back from lying down all day.
Not being with it, at all.

I feel a bit better today though. Woohoo! One more day in bed... then I'm going to Canberra on Friday until Tuesday wooooo

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The 5 Step Guide to Win at Life

I have compiled this for how I think people should be, in regards to general living and communicating with others.

1. Be good at hugs. Everyone loves a good cuddle, whether its as a greeting, embracing someone after a long time from seeing them or in bed with someone you like. Nothing beats a great hug.

2. Be able to laugh at satirical and cynical things. There's nothing worse than people that complain about stuff when they just can't understand the humour.

3. Have manners. It will get you where you need to go in life! I will generally do anything for people that say please and thank you, and if they don't, I will more often wait until the words are said. (Friends are usually an exception! But when strangers ask you for a lighter and don't use manners? Gahhhh!!!)

4. Have some sort of style beyond the norm. Coming from canbizzle I know how awful it is to see a group of girls all wearing the same thing on a night out. I find it hard to believe that people are so clueless and can't look outside the square. Go to an op shop! Or buy a damn band shirt! We're lucky anyway, there's actually brands that are out there that are plain and cheap, aka cheap mondays and american apparel. Get a cluuuuue!

5. Look after your friends and family. These are the people who make you who you are, so if they're happy, you generally will be too. And it makes you feel warm inside. All you need is a piece of paper and a texta to make an I love you card!

In other news, my tooth still hurts like hell. And im going to go make some noodles now. I want to be cooked for again haha.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Its almost 11 and I'm still in bed. My mouth is absolutely KILLLLLING me. My wisdom teeth are coming out, most prominently the bottom right one today. They've been coming up on and off for months and months but this one is definitely the worst. Woke up at 4am writhing in pain and no solution to the problem. Maybe ill get some numbing gel! Bahhhh
There are dudes in overalls painting the house right across from my window behind me, just as well I slept in a jumper!
Today im being a bum. Just going to hang about and look for jobs. Can't wait to go to Catherine's and chill! Cos she's a neighbour now. SURRY HILLS MASSIF. Also going to go return a pair of gucci glasses to their rightful owner.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


And here we are. Finally on a freaking blog. Should be getting the zine done but oh well.
It's been a weird week and feels like its gone forever, but its nonetheless been totally good...
I've seen some bands, got absolutely wasted a number of times, am now married, been surrounded by pilgrims, a bug flew in my mouth, stole four pairs of jeans (who leaves them out at a launch party? After 6 vodkas of course they're going to be free) and have just been generally been bumming around.
Im mostly happy!
Yeah woo. And im taking my sister to the zoo tomorrow. Haha