Sunday, August 31, 2008


Over the last few days, I have been even more pensive than I usually am and really thinking about the world. I just find it so strange that to survive we have to breath in oxygen through our lungs and drink water to hydrate. Even more weird that people are smart enough to create technology that transports us place to place, record music through a microphone, instruments and cords, make a still picture with a lens and a light, etc etc etc.
Life is extremely odd. I am really starting to appreciate everything I have.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Haunted House

Lately all I have been listening to is Fleetwood Mac, Nirvana, TV on the Radio and Smashing Pumpkins. I have also been listening to a few local bands that I have really been into. Click on the band name to go to their myspace.

Have only seen these gems twice, one being the other night and I was totally blown away!! They're playing tomorrow night, Thursday 21st August at Oxford Art Factory and it's free so I think you should come. I'm banned from Hot Damn anyway haha. Otherwise check them out in Marrickville on Saturday.

These guys are from Melbourne and I first learnt about them from a Vice that they were in. Then I checked them out and I really liked it. Met them the other day on Crown St where Jack intorduced me to them as "Reptiles" which made me lol. Didn't go to their show at Qbar which I'm now angry about, as I have been listening to them again and it's awesome.

KVLT HARDCORE IS DAGGERS HARDCORE. That's all I seem to see/hear lately. I'm actually so so so so so excited to see Taipan as Benny has shown me all the tracks for the 7" but to see those dudes in action after all I've heard is anticipation plus. They're playing at the Agincourt on Thursday 18th September with Deathcage and Repoman. Come.

Same story as above really. I can't wait to see them. Same show. AGINCOURT DO IT DO IT DO IT. It's been a long time coming.

and of course, ART VS. SCIENCE
Ages ago saw these guys at Disco Punx and I loved it. Then all of a sudden there was so much hype around them, which I thought is really well deserved. Can't wait to see them again on Friday 29th August at Disco Punx again, at Phoenix. $10 entry at 10pm. It'll be a super duper fun night.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Gave up waiting at seventeen past midnight.

Last night I was a life sized diamond for the Sydney Pnau show at Hordern Pavilion. Anita fell off stage being a life sized strawberry and dislocated her knee at the very end during the encore. It was soooo awful!!!! We spent the rest of the night in hospital. I can't wait for next weekend as I get to see Tame Impala! Woooo and tonight Ross is in town. WOO

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

12th street and 8th

Fuck anxiety. I get it ever, ever so rarely, this time teamed with mild claustrophobia. Had a weird, annoying, bad day but there were a few good things to happen, where I realised I have amazing friends. Thank god for them or else I would have been curled up in a ball in bed all night. Which im doing now so doesn't really matter but oh well.

It's good to be home. I had a really fun weekend in canberra, but to come back only to be welcomed by the rush that Sydney upholds. I have only JUST stopped, in my own bed and house. It feels quite nice. Listening to N.Y No Wave cd that I borrowed off Catherine. I wish I could have met James Chance. The headphone is hurting my ear though, and I can't stop moving my lip rings. Fuckfuckfuck. Bring on that stutter and shaky hands.

On a lighter note, today Benny gave me the most amazing Polaroid camera I've ever seen. Thank you, I love you so muchhhhh! <3 It pops up like I have seen no other do, its silver and black and looks like a robot head. It takes 1200 film and costs $32.95, so as a result I have only taken three photos, one of the husband, one of the son, and one of me (wife/mum). Now I have a family portrait on my wall, right next to my bed. Pretty rad.

Taking this hindrence one day at a time, hopefully I feel a lot better tomorrow. Black and blue is on, and I'm BROKE so that's a good thing. I'm going to get really wasted. I hope.

It's only two sleeps now until my true baby angel Ross gets here hahahaha. Can't wait. It's been way too long. I need my Ross!!!!!! No one else listens to all the absolute shit I talk like he does. Iiiii llllooovvveee yoooouuuu.

Thursday = work, black & blue, longneck in my fridge, prbz hot damn, prbz health. Get stupidly yucky and most likely end up going home at a ridiculous hour, whether that be super early or late, who knows.
Friday = day off, recovering, seeing my sister and her mum, meeting Ross, seeing Ashley and Amandah, going to see Operator Please at the HORDERN w/ Pnau (ew, but anticipating seeing them live, as long as I go temporarily deaf during ANY of their singles) then Bandits and stupid party times. I hope it all goes away before tomorrow.

Typing quota for the night has officially been filled.