Tuesday, December 16, 2008

you give me butterflies

I realised this week that I havent worked since September. I find that pretty amazing, considering. Don't ask me how I've done it, because I won't be able to tell you. I have no idea. But keeping that in mind, I've been to Gold Coast and Brisbane while still living in Sydney and I have just returned from Melbourne, having been to Meredith and had the best time of my life. The only downfall is that I am back in Canberra for a while and I am about $200 in debt to three different people. Sucks.

I need to recap my meredith weekend, basically for my own benefit, to see how much I can remember.

All packed and ready to go, Rohan came with the 12 seater van to Barkly St and half of us piled in. Off to Richmond to pick up the rest of the troops and get the tent etc. Blah blah blah driving for like 2hrs to our destination to find that there was like, 5km worth of cars lined up to get through the gates that opened at 1pm. It was 12pm and we were lucky enough to have an artist pass so skipped all the bullshit, got in within like 5mins and smooth sailed along to the part where we had to put the tent up. Shit was good, until it started pissing down with rain!!! So how did we deal with it? Sit under the marquee and in the van, getting absolutely and utterly WASTED. I drank a lot of green apple UDL's and goon with Pine Orange juice. Had a nap with Ryan and then fast forward to about 1am when I was getting ready for Holy Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMGZZZZZZZZ ABSOLUTE HIGHLIGHT of my night. I was quite higha nd it was just the most amazing thing to listen to and watch. They were all huddled in a little circle and interacted with each other so much, just smiling and laughing and head banging and it made me so happy to the point during one of the songs I yelled out at the top of my lungs "I AM THE HAPPIEST GIRL ALIVE!" Ummmm. Then I cant remember anything else... Oh yeah, being more drunk and going to the bar and Ross being totally fucked and Ryan being TOTALLY EVEN MORE DRUNK omggggg and then he threw up and then we went to bed in the freeeeezing cold tent. Yep.

Wake up at 8 to be excited by the nice day. Oh no wait, thats just our blue and yellow tent decieveing me, thinking it was blue sky and sunny day. It's still fucking grey. Cant get out of bed until i was desperate for food and it was time for Tame Impala at 11am. They were amazing, as expected. Hare Krishna stand wasnt open yet. Bummer. Saw my new friend Em though, who became my festival besty, otherwise known as "festy". Fast forward to more hangs with our crew/walking around/drinking/prize inducing to about 11pm when MGMT were set to play. They were SHIT. No crowd interaction or even between each other. Their encore was Kids though, which was good. I happened to have a mild anxiety attack during and afterward and couldnt continue the night surrounded by people. Spent the rest of the night in the van with Kiri and MIng just having mad chats and drinking more booze. We listened to the whole rest of the night though, including Yacht Club DJs and Pilooski. YEW. Did not have one wink of sleep that night and just kept charging. More and more people came to visit us in the van, which was fun. Ended up at about 8.30 taking a very odd breakfast, which set me up for the rest of the day. I REALLLLLLLY wanted to help pack up the tent (xtc), but just couldnt physically do it (haus).

Progressing on. Long story short, ROss and I ended up at Nevereverland at Sidney Myer Music Bowl. We made it for Hercules and Love Affair and I sat in the grass and listened to Klaxons and Cut Copy. By this stage I was really paranoid and I swear everyone was looking at me. If only they werent wearing imaginary ponchos, traipsing around in the imaginary mud and if only it stopped imaginary raining. Then it might have been ok. Hahaha. Regardless I made awesome new friends, which I continued to party with at the after party at third class. Probably my last third class experience, and boy was it a good one.

LA LA LA DI DA. Didnt sleep until 5am Monday morning. Probably the heaviest weekend I have ever had, never been so illicitly intoxicated, EVER before. I had the best time. I now have a Melbourne family who I miss very much. ANyway. Im tired of typing and going to go listen to more Alicia Keys now.

But here is our before and after photos. Doesnt look too bad, but oh god, it was.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Meredith. It's tomorrow. Holy shit. I have been waiting for this moment for months and months and months. Shame about the forecast though.

Friday: Rain, Low 10, High 24
Saturday: Possible thunderstorm, Low, 13, High, 21
Sunday: Showers, Low 11, High 18


I am now able to tell you what I am seeing and at what time.
Regurgitator at 12.30-1.20am
I have never seen these guys live but many people have said they're pretty good to see so I'm keen. Plus, I'll probably be completely wasted by now.

Holy Fuck at 1.50-2.40am
MY GOODNESS. I don't think I can imagine a more amazing moment than to see these guys in pitch black and under the stars. It's going to be freezing. I will be fucked.

Tame Impala at 11-11.40am
I'm kinda sad that their slot is during the day and not on Friday night but oh well, what can you do. I will just be gappy to be watching them.

The Bronx at 3.10-3.50pm
I reckon by now everyone is going to be super rowdy and really drunk. Exactly what I want to be watching the bronx. :)

MGMT at 11pm-12am
Wow. Same deal as Holy Fuck, can't believe I will be under the stars to watch this band! T'will be grand.

Pilooski at 5-7am
Not entirely sure how I am going to pull through on this one, but hey, I always manage to, right? Hahaha. Epic times to be had.